FP1-MOTIONAL project plan for 2025


The project is organized in 4 focus areas organised in 2 workstreams covering rail traffic planning, management, multi-modal mobility and digital enablers and therefore starting the work on all enablers included in FA1. In a joint activity the key stakeholders will specify, develop and demonstrate new capabilities for future upgrades of planning, traffic management and mobility management applications towards green, digital and safe solutions for the rail sector.

WS 1.1  Traffic Planning:

Improved strategic and tactical planning, Integration of planning systems and processes including cross-border planning, Decision support for planning and timetable optimisation, Simulation and operational feedback for improved planning;

WS 1.2  Traffic Management:

Integration of TMSs and processes including cross-border traffic management, Improved resilience and efficiency of disruption management, Linking TMS to ATO/C-DAS for optimised operations, Automated decisions and decision support for traffic management optimisation;

WS 1.3 Mobility integration:

Integrate Rail with other transport modes, Services for inclusive rail-based mobility, Anticipate demand leading to improved resource utilisation,

WS 2.1 Digital enablers:

Digital Process Scenarios, Digital Asset Engineering, Digital Twin, Conceptual Data Model and semantic dictionary evolution, Federated Data Spaces