Flagship Project 3: IAM4RAIL - Holistic and Integrated Asset Management for Europe’s RAIL System

The FP3-IAM4RAIL project focuses on seven different integrated demonstrators for rail assets which are key for research and innovation in the rail sector. Integrating asset condition information obtained via advanced monitoring with decision-making tools and into the traffic management system. The project will combine available information with artificial intelligence and digital twins are covered as key topics through a European cross-border, interoperable and holistic integrated approach. Other topics such as interventions using technologies as robotics or additive manufacturing are seen as relevant for improving asset management in the rail sector.
FP3-IAM4RAIL, with 93 partners, aims to reinforce the next generation of Intelligent and Integrated Rail Asset Management providing and demonstrating innovative solutions covering fixed and rolling stock assets, minimising the life cycle costs of assets and extend their lifetime, while meeting safety requirements and improving the reliability, availability and maintainability of the rail system.