To achieve the operational outcomes targeted in this Flagship Area, several technical capabilities were identified by FP3. To develop flagship demonstrations, some functions must be delivered with enough maturity, with a target TRL indicated for each enabler.

Enabler 1 Scalable information platform to integrate and exchange information across the IAMS (Integrated Asset Management System) and TMS
Enabler 2 Asset diagnostic and inspection systems, including AI solutions and ML algorithms to analyse and combine information provided by different inspection systems
Enabler 3 Development of CBM methodologies and algorithms for freight applications
Enabler 4 New methodologies and technologies to leverage advanced and holistic asset decisions
Enabler 5 Digital Twins integrated with BIM to improve reliability, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of asset management
Enabler 6 Advanced and holistic design and certification of assets
Enabler 7 Remotely controlled, unmanned and metadata-assisted interventions in construction, maintenance, and renewal operations, based on non-invasive or collaborative unmanned robotic actuators and wearables, or additive manufacturing techniques and validation standards for manufacturing and repairing assets