Collaboration between Europe‘s Rail projects on Multimodal Logistic topics


At Multimodal Logistics Taskforce, a conference on Tuesday 19th of March in Barcelona FP5-TRANS4M-R joined forces with the ESEP4Freight, another EU-Rail funded project on digital rail freight solutions.

Felix Hildebrandt from HACON introduced the Seamless Rail Freight objectives inside FP5-TRANS4M-R and Celestino Sánchez from Eurnex e. V. explained the project‘s approach of ESEP4Freight. Particular focus was placed on the projects' enablement and improvement of multimodal rail transport. 

FP5-TRANS4M-R will focus on the main technological developments of technology whereas ESEP4Freight will address specific supportive tasks and showcases.
Results and developments will be interchanged and used in both projects to maximise their combined impact.

Find the slides of the event at homepage of IN-MOVE who organized the conference and check out their LinkedIn Post.

ESEP4Freight has published a post on the ESEP4Freight homepage as well:

Thank you for the collaboration to ESEP4Freight and IN-MOVE!