FP2-R2DATO project plan for 2025

  1. Demonstrate technical and functional enablers such as ATO GoA3/4 over mixed radio based ETCS levels (TRL7), Hybrid Level 3, moving block and TIMS (TRL6/7), connectivity (TRL6), perception (TRL5/6), train positioning (TRL5/6), automated functions and digital register (TRL6).
  2. Demonstration of the remote driving and command in depots and yards, including perception systems (TRL5/6).
  3. A first demonstrator on next generation ATC, with modular onboard and trackside ATC architectures, at proof-of-concept stage, in close collaboration with the EU Rail System Pillar.
  4. A proof-of-concepts and/or validation in laboratory and field (i.e., up to TRL5 in Lab and TRL6 on site) for the following new functions and technical enablers:
    • Virtual Coupling Train Set (TRL4/5)
    • Self-driving wagon (TRL4/5)
    • autonomous path allocation (linked to input from Flagship Area 1)
    • validation and certification (TRL6)
    • Demonstrate a Functional Open Coupling System prototype covering all required subsystems in an operational environment (TRL7)
    • Demonstrate a modular hardware platform using architectural software design patterns and methods (TRL5/6) allowing SIL2 respective SIL4 (depending on the application)