Flagship Project 2: R2DATO - Rail to Digital automated up to autonomous train operation

To meet the increasing demand for transportation of both passengers and freight, FP2-R2DATO will take the advantages of digitalisation and automation to develop the next generation ATC and deliver scalable digital and automatic (up to autonomous) train operation (DATO) capabilities in order to enhance the capacity of the existing rail networks. Tangible results of FP2-R2DATO are expected to be delivered by 2025 on key topics: ATO, ETCS hybrid level 3 and level 3 moving block, digital technologies (5G-connectivity and a standardised onboard ICT-platform), and guidelines and methods for fast and cost-effective deployment and migration of DATO throughout Europe. Through these technical improvements FP2-R2DATO will meet the objectives and impacts defined in the Europe’s Rail Master Plan and Annual Work Programme, such as contribute to increased punctuality, reliability and productivity of staff, rolling stock and infrastructure. FP2-R2DATO will pay attention to potential risks, such as acceptance by the public, synchronising with ETCS-deployment and potential legal issues.